Jelight Company, Inc. of Irvine, CA has acquired a United States Patent for their JFC-412 series of Portable Ultraviolet Floor Curing Equipment.

Curious about the UV floor curing process? Here is our newest demo video to show you how it all works.

We have just released our newest portable UV floor curing unit, the JFC-417L.  The JFC-417L provides a cure width ranging from 17-21"-- great for use on larger area UV floor cure jobs in the wood and VCT industries! 


What Are Low Pressure Lamps?


Low Pressure Mercury Lamps manufactured since 1978 for variety of applications. HACH Replacement UV for TOC Analyzers and other applications such as Arc imaging, Chromatography, Photochemistry, Calibration of UV Detectors, Calibrations of Spectrophotometer, and more.

Low pressure mercury vapor lamps are a highly efficient source of UV light, particularly short wavelength UV light (254nm and 185nm).  Often called germicidal or ozone absorption lamps, they are very stable light sources. Available in Ozone Producing and Ozone Free quartz, with a variety of phosphors.  Power supplies are also available for each lamp.

Low Pressure Mercury Grid Lamps are also available.  The grid design allows for uniform exposure of the UV light, and is available in a variety of sizes.  Custom sizes also available.

Ultraviolet low pressure Mercury Vapor lamps